We are looking forward to the upcoming JPM meeting in San Francisco. The Orbit Display Platform is ideal for high throughput biologic library screening. To date, the platform has been used to identifying hits suitable for:

  • Protein Protein Interactions including (Protacs / molecular glues)
  • Targeting radionucleotides and oligonucleotide therapeutics; and,
  • High throughput functional screens to identify function biomolecules against complex targets such as GPCR’s.

The technology is based on DNA encoded libraries and facilitates the screening of peptide and scaffold protein libraries in drug discovery. The platform can be configured to screen libraries for binding where the primary requirements are specificity and affinity to target. Alternatively, libraries can be configured to screen for function in cell-based assays, this application has been successful in identifying peptides hits such as GPCR agonists.

If you would like to meet to discuss how our functional screening platform could enable your discovery projects, please contact us at info@orbitdiscovery.com.

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